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WIMB guards your bike while you are away

Get off your bike and wander around. Feast your eyes on the countryside. Explore the surroundings.

Take a swim in the river. Have a pint of beer. Enjoy your lunch. With your mind at ease

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You will want the WIMB because it is

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Withstands everything

Activated by one click on your mobile phone.


Uses the latest GPS and GSM surveillance technologies


Sends a message to your phone as soon as your locked bike moves


Water-resistant and shockproof, riding with you over mountains and through brooks, over rocky ground, in the rain.

How it works

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Easy to use

Easy GPS tracking

WIMB will make your life easier. No need to take care of it. It takes care of itself.

Smart functions

Smart GPS tracking

The system uses the latest technologies, becoming adapted to your needs.

Try it before buying

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Test the system live. You can buy it separately or together with the bike in these high street shops.